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Topic: Importing GPO v3 setups into GPO v4

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    Importing GPO v3 setups into GPO v4

    Hello all,
    I'm a Logic 8 user who doesn't own GPO, and has been asked to collaborate with a fellow muso who uses Logic 7 and GPO v3. I didn't know about the arrival of GPO v4 and it's new ARIA engine until today, so was expecting to buy GPO v3 and the two of us would be fully compatible. If I buy GPO v4, which doesn't run on Kontact, can I import my colleague's v3 sessions and be sure that I will be hearing exactly what he did? This is a gig where time is money, so I don't want to find myself with complex tweaking, re-allocating of instruments etc. just to get back to what was originally sent to me.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Importing GPO v3 setups into GPO v4

    Hello Brendan and welcome to our forums.

    GPO Kontakt Player versions and GPO 4 are not compatible. That is to say that a KP2 file will not open in GPO4 Aria and GPO4 files will not work with KP versions.

    There are two options; the first is to open your GPO KP file in your sequencer then reassign the instruments to GP04 Aria. You have already said in your post that this is not something you want to do.

    The second option is to run GPO KP version alongside GPO4. Both versions will co-exist and run quite happily together. I believe this is what some of our members are doing so they can still play older projects whilst working on new ones.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Importing GPO v3 setups into GPO v4

    I was kind of hoping for the same migration capability, not that I'm disappointed. I use Overture 4/GPO4 and I tried changing over to GPO4 within each Overture 4 file, but the notes sound, well, like they were done using some other sampler. I tried creating a whole new notation file from the beginning and it sounds much better. The problem is I have dozens of files I'd have to redo that way. So I'll finished what I started with GPO3 and all the new stuff with GPO4. SONAR won't know the difference, so it's all good.
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