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Topic: Panflute?

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    Hello musicfriends!

    Do You know a professional panflut library? Or good samples of this faszinating instrument? Kontakt or Giga.
    (Found nothing with "search")

    Thank You!

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    Re: Panflute?

    I'm surprised a high end panflute library hasn't really been made yet. I've mainly only been able to find a few low end libraries with only a couple of articulations like staccato and vibrato.

    There was one I found that seemed like it could be good - The Essence of Panflute. That one has more articulations than most (Long Notes, Crescendo, Vibrato, Wild Vibrato, Frullato, Portamento, Staccato), however, I heard that it isn't multi-velocity

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    Re: Panflute?

    There was once a free one made by ThomasJ. I know you wanted a pro one, but this had a fair few articulations, and the results Thomas got with it were great (although I think he only put part of it online, because this was the day of dial-up internet). If you can find it, it's in Giga format, but imports well into Kontakt.

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    Re: Panflute?

    +1 on the ThomasJ Panflute. It's a small instrument, but so nicely recorded that you don't need anything like velocity xfades. And it has a great chiff on it that gives it a lot of realism.


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    Re: Panflute?

    Where can I buy or download the ThomasJ Panflute?

    Essence of panflute I found this:

    (link deleted by gigalien)

    Only 20,- for a 2,4 GB download.

    Perhaps there will be a future Zamphir authorised Garritan professional Panflute!

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    Re: Panflute?

    Hmmm... I wouldn't trust that norsemaille site. They are also selling tons of high end software for $30-$40. They can't be legit.

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    Re: Panflute?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gigalien View Post
    Where can I buy or download the ThomasJ Panflute?
    Well I found the original thread here on the forum, and the link to the file is long gone.

    I don't think I kept the original Giga file, but I have the Kontakt file I got by importing it. I can't imagine Thomas_J would have an issue with me sending it to you, given that it was free to everyone. PM me if you want.

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    Re: Panflute?

    No, that site definitely sells pirated (stolen) software.

    It's best to give those kind of sites a very wide berth.

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    Re: Panflute?

    Thanks, I will never buy from such tweelight sites.
    I found other "Essence of panflute" from bestservice GB
    ca 33 EUR.
    Perhaps I can buy it here in Germany.

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    Re: Panflute?

    If you do end up getting Essence of Panflute, please let us know how it is.

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