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Topic: Jazz lovers - Salem's Big Band live!

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    Jazz lovers - Salem's Big Band live!

    The 18 piece Salem Big Band is Oregon's busiest, performing with featured vocalist Christie Jungling

    Kate and I found this great You Tube vid this morning:


    Click on that for a really nice live video produced by our local CCTV, featuring the hip Salem Big Band and our friend Christie Jungling very capably belting out "Easy to Love."

    Free music in the park--It's still summer--go enjoy!


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    Re: Jazz lovers - Salem's Big Band live!

    Hi Randy,

    Great performance. Thanks for sharing!

    PS - Just last night I was thinking about the song "Home To You" you had pointed me to once before, and I was going to contact you to see how I could hear it again. I just noticed your "The Whole Shebang" link, and -- voila -- there's the song. I really like that one.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Jazz lovers - Salem's Big Band live!

    Hiya, Ernie - Thanks for letting me know you had a look and enjoyed. Nice band we have here in town, and Christie has such a great time singing with them- nice voice!

    AH good deal--thanks also for letting me know it's working to have "The Whole Shebang" in my signature now. It was fun putting together that archive of posts, and cheers me to know you looked through the chart and found a tune you wanted to hear again. Thanks!


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    Re: Jazz lovers - Salem's Big Band live!

    BONUS VIDEOS - These guys and gals are just great, and we're so proud of lead singer Christie Jungling, such a sweet, talented lady.

    Here are more vids of Salem Big Band's recent concert in a park here in Salem, Oregon:



    Go click on those and grooooove out, my friends!


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