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Topic: Vintage Samples

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    Vintage Samples

    Hello All!!!
    Jut to introduce myself, Ive been viewing the posts on this board for about the past month or so. Now, I\'ve decided to start contributing. My question is this...of all the samples I have come across...everything is immaculatey recorded...(which is WONDERFUL for most applications)...however, for other musical genres its just not very applicable. I.e...ive been looking for a well done drum kit that sounds like Ringo Star\'s kit from the Revolver or Sgt. Pepper album...now obviously I know that a great deal of compression and other effects have been applied to the actual recording, but that seems to be unable to be duplicated in a digital platform. (Theres just something about vintage tape that makes eveything sound AMAZING)...now my question is...as a student, I don\'t have the neccessary financal capability to buy some vintage mics and record my own \"vintage\" sounds. So, are there any effects/plug-ins available that would be able to accurately reproduce some of these trademark sounds? Just as a side note...I am also looking for strings and pianos that meet the same \"vintage\" requirement. (applying some record noise behind my tracks just isn\'t cutting it anymore!)

    Thanks in advance,
    J.P. Schwinghamer

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    Re: Vintage Samples

    You can make a clean sample dirty,noisy,compressed,Distorted,reverby etc. But you cant make a dirty sample clean!
    Most sound designers know this and try to give us a product that has the most flexability.

    one tip. Try recording your tracks in to a tape deck (a pretty good one if possible) Record it way hot so you get some tape compression. It\'s a good way to get that lo- fi type of vintage sound .

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