Airlift [by ScrewMaker]
<a href="">Airlift</a> This is a little chillin&#39; track that was created using sounds from the <a href="">Air Users Blog</a>. (Except for the reverse cymbals that come from my own secret stash of really cool guy samples. LOL). I wanted to see how much I could get away with using one instance each of <a href=";langid=100&amp;">Digidesig n&#39;s Structure and Transfuser</a>, in Pro Tools of course. PT8 actually. Within Structure, I used these 8 <a href="">patches from the Air Users Blog</a>: Virus Piano Pad-The main riffage. Urban Dance Kit-The kick and snare that run through the song. Orchestral Percussion-For a couple of transitionary cymbal rolls. Akai MPC60 Hi Hats-The hi-hats that accompany the kick and snare from the Urban Dance Kit. It&#39;s A Sin Strings-These play a kind of counter accent to the main riffage from the Virus Piano Pad. Scritti FM Piano-Plays a descending melody line near the end of the track, mixed a bit back. Triton Marcato + Chamber Strings-This is actually two Air User Blog Patches that I layered into one patch. Cymbals-I used these instead of the one&#39;s from my secret stash as I wanted to stay as only Air Users Blog sounds as I could. In Transfuser these <a href="">sample sets and loops</a>: AIR_Loop_36-This is the main loop, although 4 variations were used based on the original loop. I changed up some of the slices of kicks and such to better follow the changes and movements within the main riffage from the Virus Piano Pad. Hybrid Filter Arp 3-I used only the first bar of this loop, with a variation for the ending notes. I played the pitch of the loop, as in what starting note, by assigning it it&#39;s own MIDI channel as in the AIR_Loop_36. I used Filter and Delay as inserts in Transfuser to further process the sound. Def Drums-Loaded some samples from Nexus Drum Singles to create a drum kit with a bit of percussion at the end of the track, an additional snare in the middle, a doom kick thru-out and a snare fill and door slam towards the end of the track. Hybrid Bass Arp Seq-I loaded this as a Phrase Sequencer as opposed to a REX Loop/Slice Sequencer as I wanted to use the first note of the loop to MIDI sequence a steady bass line. I used Tape Delay, Filter and Lo-Fi as inserts in Transfuser to further process the sound. Airlift was mixed and mastered using Digi EQIII, Maxim, DDL, TL Space, BombFactory BF-2A, EQP-1A, Fairchild 660, and T-Racks EQ. Thanks.
Genre: Electronic
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