Dirty Ork [by ScrewMaker]
This track started in Reason... <a href="http://www.youlicense.com/SongDetails.aspx?ID=92760">Dirty Ork</a> I loaded some drum sounds from the "Finger Juice" library from Sweetwater Sound. I had converted it from EMU to NNXT format using cdXtract. Then loaded the individual samples into ReDrum. Also used were a TB303 sound loaded into NNXT and a doom kick in another ReDrum. I then "Copied to Track" the Redrum sequences and added more hits and stuff and used groove files created from an old MPC60 in Digital Performer and then ported those to Reason via MIDI files to give the tracks some vibe. Lots of mixing and processing in Reason. I then opened up Pro Tools 8 and ReWired the tracks in. I added strings, brass, etc. with Structure and the UVI Worksation. In Structure I used a mix of the Goliath sound library and a bunch of stuff ported from EXS format including some strings from AKAI S1100. In UVI I used some UVI patches and some patches from MOTU Symphonic Instrument (MSI). Also two arps using MOTU MX4. I used DIGI EQIII and BombFactory BF2-A for eq and dynamics on all tracks along with Pluggo Nebula on a creepy pad sound ReWired from Reason. Most FX were in the patches or from Reason but for a delay and verb in PT. Mastered with BombFactory Pultec EQP-1A, Fairchild 660 and... believe it or not... Maxim !!! Maxim is tricky to figure out, but does a good job after ya figure it out. LOL. Thanks.
Genre: Electronic
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