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Topic: EZDrummer and Sibelius

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    EZDrummer and Sibelius


    I just finished a topic on my blog on how to use EZDrummer with Sibelius, using a custom soundset.

    Head to:


    and read the details. Any feedback appreciated

    Best regards,

    Jussi Lampela

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    Re: EZDrummer and Sibelius

    Very Cool Jussi, will it work with superior drummer?

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    Re: EZDrummer and Sibelius


    don´t know really, but would be fairly easy to try out, just activate superior drummer as a plugin and try. If the note mapping is the same as in EZDrummer should be ok.
    All this soundset does is tell Sibelius the "location" of the sounds on the keyboard. A real basic soundset with just note information, no keyswitches or other fancy bells and whistles.....
    I made this up real quick for my own purposes, and there might be some sounds that I even didn´t include.

    Anyway, EZDrummer is real close to GM standard anyway, and I suspect that´s the same with Superior as well.


    Jussi Lampela


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