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Topic: S-convert save the same samples each time !!!

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    S-convert save the same samples each time !!!

    hi all,

    I remember people discussing this topics before but i don\'t recall anyone finding a solution for it..so here it goes again.
    When you convert different program using the same samples , s-convert resave the same samples everytime making the converted Gig files using A LOT more space than the original CD.
    For example, i\'m converting 4 programs in the Symphony of Voices library, each program uses the same samples ...the only thing that changes are the perameters within the program...well, S-convert, resave the same samples each time making it 4 x bigger than the original akai CD.
    Is there a work around/solution for this ...i tried the combine gig setting but it does not work in most cases... Thanks

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    Re: S-convert save the same samples each time !!!

    Yes this is a pain, but there was a solution posted a while back. This solves the problem, I believe, AFTER the fact, so you need to s-convert as usual, then perform giga-digas \"mega-gigs\" procedure to save the disc space.

    Checkout \"tips & tricks\", view topics from \"the last year\", go to page two, and look for \"Mega-Gigs\" started by giga diga.

    Symphony of Voices was the library I asked giga diga about because of the very problem you are having

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    Re: S-convert save the same samples each time !!!

    hi Robert,

    Thanks for the cue. I try it today with my SOV collection. There are 2 minor anoying problem though :
    1- When you do a merge file, the order they end up in the edit list is arbitrary...let say i merge program a-b-c-d, it ends up being a-d-c-b...so if i want the order to be respected you have to bring them in one by one.
    2-The programs selected that end up in Gedit has all kinds of weird lettering at the end og it...like : LC AAHS AITF!...the last 4 letter ITF! was not part of the patch name but end up in each program imported. Any idea ??


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    Re: S-convert save the same samples each time !!!

    Hi There,

    Buy TRANSLATOR from Chickensys.com. I had a similar problem, but Translator doesn\'t create duplicates like s-converter. The Giga version is only £40 in the UK.

    Cheers, Chris

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    Re: S-convert save the same samples each time !!!


    Did you use it on Symphony of Voices?

    I wasn
    t aware about that in regards to Translator, which I have. I converted SOV as one of the first things I did when I got the original gigasampler, before I had translator. SOV ends up being MASSIVE with a huge amount of duplicated samples.

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    Re: S-convert save the same samples each time !!!

    Hi again,

    No, I don\'t have SOV, so I guess you\'ll just have to try it yourself! I hope it works!!


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