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Topic: Serenity (new improved version)

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    Serenity (new improved version)

    With regard to comments, I have made the transitions between phrases smoother.
    I realise there maybe one or two people that 'don't' particularly enjoy this kind of music, but in response I have to say:
    Music is not merely a pattern of sounds or even merely an aural representation of self-expression; it is also a moral and ethical power. Music is as natural mode of expression as speech itself and to ignore this is to stunt and curtail our common humanity. It is as capable of noble use or misuse as any other of the arts, we are traitors to the law of beauty if we sacrifice this distinction to trivial enjoyment or pass it through indolence or inattention. It is as truly a language as any tongue that man has ever spoken. Music is infinitely much more subtle and delicate, capable of infinite extension and development, but nonetheless based on profound psychological laws and on enduring principles of styles and construction. The musician is bound by no laws except that of the human soul, his work stands in no necessary relation to the phenomenal world but has already passed beyond.

    Music is voice for the soul, be at peace.

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    Re: Serenity (new improved version)

    It gives me this mood:

    and I liked it


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