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Topic: First impressions of the Pro version

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    First impressions of the Pro version

    I got my Pro version today and I ran it through some paces. First off it does sound very good. I did a shoot out with my Giga piano and of course, the Giga sounded tin-y in comparison to the rich sound of the Garritan. I still need to spend more time finding out which perspective sounds best for particular type of songs.

    Though the EQ is helpful, I found my Waves SSL EQ a lot more effective in removing some of the mid's, and boosting the high's while still sounding very nice for jazz/pop sounds. I like a cleaner type of EQ on this piano and the SSL seems to work better than my Cambridge UAD EQ and other plug ins.

    A suggestion is to add numbers on the wet and dry levers so you could get a better idea how much is being applied. But in reality, you should really use your ears, not your eyes, but it would be nice. Also if you could type in how much EQ or reverb settings you want instead of using your mouse, that would be nice as well. If I want a specific number on a knob, trying to get the knob to get right on that number is difficult. By clicking on the number and typing in what you want would be a nice touch that many plug ins have these days.

    The reverb on it sound very good, and the options they offer are very nice. Poly, I keep at 96. Piano noise around 35%. On a first day trial, I am very very happy I purchased it. It worked well in Cubase and Sampltude......so far.

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    Re: First impressions of the Pro version

    Update: AFter spending several more hours on this software, i have concluded that with no EQ, the lower mid's and bass are a little too much for my taste. I have also found that the EQ does work better after playing around with it for a while. If you record it as a VST instrument, you can use something like a Waves SSL EQ on it, but for a midi track, you are of course limited to the effects on the software. However, I was able to get much improved results after getting to know how to use it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this software a 9. I understand that they will be coming out with a couple of updates that will push it to a 9.5. It would get a closer to a 10 if it had a full parametric EQ. Reverbs are really nice.

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