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Topic: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

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    Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    Hi all.

    I'll delve into the problem without further ado.

    I wrote a 5.5 minute piece for brass band with Trumpet and Fluegelhorn solos. Since I don't have C&MB, I used GPO's and Jabb's brass. Formally the piece is ABA with a coda. Orchestrally there are 2 concertinos and a large group. It's not Concerto Grosso. Anyway, the Concertinos have their own Kontakt players and the large group its own as well. 2 tubas are used, one from JABB, the other, the ContraBass, from GPO. Here's the rub:

    I can pan the Tuba from JABB, but not the ContraBass form GPO. This relegates the ContraBass to the center, a position that doesn't yield the best results acoustically. The JABB Tuba is in a Concertino, the GPO ContraBass is in the large group's Kontakt Player. No matter what I do, Kontakt just weakens or amplifies the sound as a function of the instrument's stereo cursor's position, but does not modify instrument position in the stereo field. This is also true with some of the horns and trombones, however, most can be panned. Total number of tracks is 30 and I don't have more than 16 instruments per Kontakt Player. I've met this phenomenon when writing purely JABB works as well, but now it's time to put it to scrutiny.

    Any opinion is welcome and I thank all who will pitch in


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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    How are you trying to pan the instruments? Are you sending MIDI pan CC? Or are you using a track's pan fader in a DAW?

    My guess (without additional information) is that the tuba is a mono instrument that is MIDI panned primarily to one side, and perhaps you are sending it to a DAW stereo track that you are trying to pan in the DAW. If the tuba is only on the left channel of the stereo pair, then panning to the the right channel of the DAW track will only have the effect of diminishing the tuba.

    If that's what you are doing, there are a couple of solutions. The first is to send MIDI pan CC messages to set the position of the tuba as desired.

    Since it can be a hassle to have multiple ways to pan the instruments (MIDI pan, DAW pan fader, etc.), I usually set my DAW to convert a stereo feed of a mono instrument into a mono track, so that no matter where the MIDI pans the instrument, I always have complete control of the panning from the DAW fader. I prefer this method, but others may not.

    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    Hi, Sylva

    Lunker is absolutely right on about what you're experiencing with the pan.

    "...just weakens or amplifies the sound..."
    That's exactly what happens when you leave a mono instrument (and most Garritan instruments are mono) at its default panning in Kontakt, and then try to pan the stereo track in your sequencer. Lunker's solution works fine, to make the tracks in his Daw mono so he can control the pan.

    DPDAN has a straight forward approach, changing all pans in KP2 to center, then using mono tracks in his sequencer, panning the instruments where he wants. Working in mono avoids this non-panning effect you're getting, with the sound just getting weaker or stronger as you move the pan pot.


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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    Thank you both!!

    You're making perfect sense and I have no idea why I didn't think of this myself, since I prefer mono instruments for their panning versatility. In this way the stereo field and recording are made more transparent. Correct me if I am wrong, but would this mistake be common to a lot of beginners? And no, I just was trying to pan from inside Kontakt Player, with the particular Garritan instrument's pan fader

    Much obliged, Sylva

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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    "...would this mistake be common to a lot of beginners..."

    Yep. Glad you got yer Pan groove on now, Sylva. Happy music making.


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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    Thank you Randy.

    Great forum as usual with civil language, great knowledge and help, and understanding that everyone is a beginner at some time.


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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4


    It didn't work.

    I reset all the stereo cursors of the instruments in Kontakt Player back to zero position, and then tried to set the stereo field of each track on their track inspector in Sonar. But the cursors won't do anything, and just as in Kontakt Player before, they just faded the volume of the particular track.

    I tried to find some parameter in the track properties to reset to mono but haven't found any such parameter. Is there such thing? When I set up an instrument in a track' effects field, usually a window pops up with all kinds of parameters among which there is a mono/stereo setting. As I already mentioned, I can't seem to find this setting in the tracks' properties' table. I'd hate to tear down the tracks. There is an enormous amount of work sunk in them already. However, the lack of clear positioning of each instrument in the stereo field subtracts from the acoustic/orchestral effect of the piece quite a bit, even though one may get a fairly good idea about what the piece wants to say musically.

    Any opinion?

    Thanks again, Sylva.

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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    You're talking about the button in the audio control strips that make a track either Mono or Stereo. I've done a screen shot for you:

    This is in the Track View with the Track Inspector on. Whatever track you've currently selected has its channel strip displayed on the left. Or you can see all the channel strips at once in the Console view. Make sure you have the Inspector set to show All.

    I've circled the button which by default is at Stereo. Push that and it changes to Mono. The picture will change to show just half of the image it shows to mean Stereo. Once you have the track working as a Mono channel, you'll have full panning available for your instruments.

    Be sure you're doing the panning with Audio tracks, not MIDI.


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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    Thank you, Randy!

    Trouble is, I have mostly MIDI tracks and only one audio per instrument group. This is why I couldn't do it. I was looking for the Stereo button but did not find it. Thought that there might be some parameter in the track view which could be set. Now it looks as though each midi instrument will have to be accompanied by its own audio track. I did this in other setups, but in the present one, fearing that the processor won't be able to handle so many tracks, I worked mainly with MIDI tracks. What I don't understand thought is why I could set the stereo field for each MIDI instrument in Kontact Player for other compositions where I also had only MIDI tracks, but not in this one.


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    Re: Panning issues with Kontakt Player 2.4

    Hi Sylva,

    There are two main ways of panning the instrument: (1) doing what Randy has suggested; and (2) using MIDI CC#10 to pan the MIDI data.

    For total control over each instrument, I recommend option #1, but with option #2 you can still pan the instrument when you only have a single audio output.

    Quote Originally Posted by sylva View Post
    What I don't understand thought is why I could set the stereo field for each MIDI instrument in Kontact Player for other compositions where I also had only MIDI tracks, but not in this one.
    Are you using the pan slider in Kontakt Player to set the MIDI pan for the instrument, and it is not having any effect? If that is the case, check and see if it is getting reset when you play the music. If that is the case, there is CC#10 in the MIDI file which is overriding your manual setting. Either remove that data from the MIDI file, or just edit it to use the panning location you want.
    Best Regards,

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