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Topic: Vienna Instruments and Novation Automap

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    Vienna Instruments and Novation Automap

    I have two Vienna Instruments collections that I am trying to control using my Novation Remote Zero SL. I have been able to do this in the past, but can't anymore. For some reason, the controls on the hardware can't be MIDI learned to functions in Vienna's UI. I had a template that I created in Novation's Remote Zero SL editor. While I can upload this template to the hardware, it no longer functions. I don't know why. Upgrading to Automap 3.2 brings no joy.
    Does anyone have a Remote SL that they use with Vienna Instruments and Sonar 8?
    PS. I don't seem to be able to ask for notifcation of responses by e-mail. If anyone has the answers I'm looking for, would you copy me off list at kevjazz@gmail.com?

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    Re: Vienna Instruments and Novation Automap

    I have an OLD Novation keyboard (pre automap) and it works GREAT for vienna instruments. I have personally assigned each button to midi CC's that correspond to Vienna VI cells, and can easily switch between cells on the fly with no problem! e.g. Midi CC 50 at value 1 = cell one; value 10 = cell two; value 20 = cell 3, etc). I've also assigned all the faders from VI (cell X fade, filter, attack, release, expression, etc) to faders on my controller using Midi CC's as well. Works GREAT!

    You need to make sure that the midi CC you are sending matches the midi CC on vienna instruments; e.g. midi CC 50 controls horizontal cells; midi CC 51 controls vertical cells, etc. Then make sure to save it as a preset in BOTH the keyboard & Vienna VI.

    btw, you can also use key switches to control cell choice, but I personally prefer midi CC as you dont need to chase down the key switches when playing back & there are no extra notes in your scores!

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    Re: Vienna Instruments and Novation Automap

    Thanks for writing back. Were it not for the fact that a friend told me this post was here, I wouldn't have known you had written. for some reason, I'm not notified of replies as I once was. I truly do hope someone is using Vienna Instruments with Automap and Sonar 8 or can help me rebuild my MIDI template. If I have to select specific CCs to make this work on the standard templates, could you tell me what the implementation is for
    Expression, (should be CC11)
    Cell Xfade
    Vel Xfade
    Cell Xfade on/off
    and maybe a few others? Again, copying message to kevjazz@gmail.com would be helpful as I am blind and could easily miss this message.

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