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Topic: Omnisphere Love

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    Smile Omnisphere Love

    Dear Eric and the Spectrasonics Team:

    Although a late upgrader to Omnisphere, this thread is a huge thank you for all your work. Freaking brilliant sounds - and your attention to detail in the interface is superb. I am your biggest fan.


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    Re: Omnisphere Love

    Thanks Jeremy!

    That's really nice to hear. :-)


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    Re: Omnisphere Love

    Jeremey Stop! Eric might start feeling like it's a great product and raise prices or something...or start slacking off thinking he's so great and all...Let's just keep buying their products and upgrades but keep the complaints rolling along so they don't get full of themselves... OK?!

    Yeah man, Omnisphere...what a joke. Doesn't even boot up on my Quadra 700.

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    Re: Omnisphere Love

    Eric knows that the users' communtiy is very critical of the products coming out. Any slacking off and the company will regret the day they...slacked off.

    Omnisphere is so great. It's my main synth and a big part of my music inspiration.
    Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, E-MU 1616m audio interface, Cubase Studio 4.1.2, Windows XP Pro sp.3, Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Addictive Drums, Amplitube 2 + Jimi Hendrix, Monstrous

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    Re: Omnisphere Love

    i was thinking of starting an omnisphere praise thread and this one popped up, so...

    i bought omnisphere for the more organic and natural stuff: choir, psychoacoustic, bowed instruments, etc. i have plenty of synths already, so that aspect of omnisphere wasn't even on my radar when i made the decision to get it. the thing is, the synth section of omnisphere is imo really great. an interface with a lot of depth without being overcomplicated...i haven't looked at the manual once. plus the integration of the two sides - waveform based synth and sample based instrument - is seamless. and last but not least, the sound quality is stellar.

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