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Topic: Send effects question

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    Send effects question


    I've been using the new Aria player and it's working very nicely. I have a question about the send effects output though.

    I'm using Nuendo to play and record 2 different GPO instruments. Each instrument is assigned to a different output and all works as expected. Because I have the instruments assigned to different outputs, I can control their seperate levels with the Nuendo mixer and it works like most multi output vstis. Then I started using the ambience effect and send function in the Aria player and the reverb signal is coming out of only output.

    Here's an example -
    1. I set up a new project using the Aria player multi VST plugin,
    2. load a flute and assign it to output 1/2.
    3. load a trombone and assign it to output 3/4
    4. create two midi tracks and record 2 parts for the two instuments
    (at this point, everything is working as expected, I can adjust the levels of output 1/2 and 3/4 within the Nuendo mixer.)
    5. in the Aria player mixer, I go to channel 1 and turn the send level up for the flute. At this point, I can hear the added reverb being mixed with the instrument in channel 1.
    6. in the aria player mixer, I go to channel 2 and turn the send level up for the trombone. I can hear the added reverb on this instrument too.
    7. HERE's THE TROUBLE - If I mute out the first instrument (the flute) in the Nuendo mixer, all of the trombone reverb disappears. If I mute out the second instrument (the trombone) in the Nuendo mixer, I can still hear the trombone's reverb signal being mixed in and coming out of channel 1.
    It appears that the reverb for both instruments is being sent to channel 1 only. Is this how the plugin is intended to work? Channel 1 has the instrument and reverb signal mixed. Channel 2 has the dry signal only. If so, it makes having the seperate outputs and using the built in reverb useless in a sequencer environment.

    Here's a really confusing part. Within the Aria player stand alone environment, the mutes and sends work as they should. The reverb gets muted and sent with each channel.


    I checked out the player on it's own and the

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    Re: Send effects question

    Hi Peter, when you use ARIA's various output groups (1-2) (3-4) (5-6) etc., you should not use (1-2), that first stereo pair is dedicated to the main stereo output of the ARIA mixer. That is also where the built in Ambience reverb is routed. To record individual instruments to separate audio tracks, (most ideal) you should start with (3-4) and go up from there.

    Here is a list of the GPO instruments and their mono or stereo status.

    It is more sensible to record mono instruments to mono tracks and stereo instruments to stereo audio tracks. You can use the pan knob in the ARIA player to set the pan to hard left or hard right,,, this way, you can record more instruments to audio tracks in fewer passes.

    flute 1 assigned to group out (3-4) pan hard left,,,
    flute 2 assigned to the same group (3-4) but panned hard right,,,
    oboe 1 assigned to group out (5-6) pan hard left,,,
    oboe 2 assigned to group out (5-6) pan hard right.... etc. etc.

    Here is the list of GPO instruments, and their mono/stereo status...
    This list does not include the newly added SAM BRASS instruments, but they too are mono except the section sounds.

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    Re: Send effects question


    Thanks for getting back to me. When I follow your directions, will output (1-2) be a reverb output only? You mentioned that it is the dedicated main stereo output, which makes it seem like more than the ambience effect will come out of it.

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