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Topic: mixer not saving volume settings

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    mixer not saving volume settings


    I have noticed that some of the Aria player mixer volume settings don't get saved with my Nuendo projects. I'll save a project with the volume of channel 1 set to -1 dB in the Aria mixer. When re opening the project, the Aria mixer volume changes and reads -2 dB. Is this plugin supposed to work with Nuendo 4? I've been excited about using it but I can't if the settings won't be saved.

    Here are my system specs -
    Windows Vista Home Premium/ Nuendo 4.3/Wavelab 6.10/ Steinberg MR816csx/ Steinberg CC121/ AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.0 GHz/ 6 GB RAM/ ATI Radeon X300

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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    I don't know the answer to that question, sorry


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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    Hi, Tadpole - That's a drag that Aria's mixer levels aren't being saved - but here's the simple work around. --Leave all of Aria's levels at whatever they want to default to and don't try to change them. Concern yourself only with setting your levels inside Nuendo, because I assume those mixer controls Are being saved. That's what I often do - instead of hassling with changing levels in Aria, I accept whatever the defaults are and just worry about getting the balance I want inside Sonar.


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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    I'm also working with Nuendo and found the same problem.

    I use Aria's 'store preset' option, and when I close and reopen a project I load that preset.

    But it would be helpful if this was solved.


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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings


    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing this. I hope that it will be fixed soon. It makes it a hard thing to trust right now.

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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    All CCs are saved properly in ARIA and this is host independent.

    However since volume and pan are just CC7 and 10, i think its just NUENDO sending default values to aria upon track start.
    David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    Hi, DavidV - Very logical tip. They could fix this by looking in their Nuendo project file, rooting out inserted CC7 and 10 events, and deleting them--unless its a default that Nuendo sends out without actually having data in the tracks--In which case, surely there'd be a preference to set up with those kind of defaults turned off.

    I just now ran a quick test in Sonar - All Aria mixer levels are saved with projects as they should be.

    But if for some reason users are stuck with volume defaults and they can't figure out how to stop that from happening, my earlier suggestion will work fine. Just leave the Aria mixer at however the app wants to default the volume levels, and work only with the volume sliders inside the sequencer itself.


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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    I've used alot of multi output vst instruments with Nuendo and Cubase and they are all recalled with the exact saved settings. I don't know anything about how it all works but it does.

    David, I am more than happy to help with any testing should you wish to test some more in the Nuendo environment. I really like the new Aria player much more than the Kontakt version. As it stands right now, not being able to recall the saved settings makes the Aria player a second choise to the older version of GPO.


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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    Davidv and the whole Plogue team are great, aren't they Tadpole? They really are working hard to have Aria as universally compatible as possible.

    Meanwhile, have you tried storing a pre-set like Sunbird described? That wouldn't add more than a few seconds of time to your work.

    And I have a question - Do you mean that Nuendo isn't saving ANY of the Aria control settings - pans, sends, EQ etc--or is it just the volume faders in the mixer? So far in this thread I had the impression is was just the faders settings that weren't being saved -and I find that a non-problem since in my work flow I usually leave them at the default and do all volume setting in Sonar where it matters. But if None of the Aria settings are being saved--that would be crazy making. And if that's the case, do try what Sunbird is doing.


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    Re: mixer not saving volume settings

    Hi Randy,

    So far as I can tell, it is just the volume in the mixer. And that is a random problem. Sometimes the volume is being saved correctly with the project and other times it will be recalled with a different dB setting.

    I have tried your approach and Sunbird's. Both work well as a work around.

    I don't want to come off as a complainer, quite the contrary, I am offering whatever help I can. Form this thread, I don't get the impression that the Aria player has been thoroughly tested with Nuendo/Cubase. I'm sure that Davidv and the whole Plogue are great at what they do. I like this new player and new approach because the orchestra seems easier to use. My only concern is stability with my system.

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