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Topic: CTASIO Warning

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    CTASIO Warning

    I just downloaded GPO v.4. I uninstalled all previous Garritan installs and deleted all Garritan program folders.

    After installing v.4, starting the ARIA Player gives me this error message three times in a row:

    "CTASIO warning
    There are no Creative audio products installed and running on the system that support ASIO."

    I had not received this error message prior to installing v.4, and in fact the previous Kontakt version of Garritan was playing using my SoundBlaster Audigy SE card just fine.

    Advice? Do I need a new setting, a driver, or a new card? Thanks.

    P.S. I do not do any live recording, and so I don't believe I need an ASIO driver.
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    Re: CTASIO Warning

    Yes you do need asio drivers for low latency.

    You probably have some mix and matches of drivers from potentially uninstalled cards?
    This message pops up in many places using Google.

    Ive never heard about it before, cant reproduce since none of our Creative devices give ARIA that warning upon start.

    The only clue would be to have a look at your ASIO registry settings, but thats kind of complex form where i stand.
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