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Topic: Lovecraft Film Accepted

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    Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Hi all,

    I posted some music in the Listening Room awhile back entitled "Lovecraft Theme." The movie which I made that uses that theme has been accepted by the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon (October 2-3-4). The music is entirely by me and uses the Garritan GPO, JABB and COMB libraries in conjunction with some projectSAM stuff and Virtual Drum Line. My goal was to just have the movie accepted and shown. If not for the expert advice and guidance of this board it may not have happened. I am greatly indebted to you all.

    The trailer can be seen in these two places:


    It can also be seen at IMDb at:


    I know it seems dark, but he (H. P. Lovecraft) was a dark writer - a latter day Poe if you will.

    Thanks again for years of steady and thoughtful counsel!
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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    In a word ............... Wow!

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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Congratulations and good luck!

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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    What excellent news, Reber!

    And, Portland's in my neck of the woods--I can't guarantee it will work out, but Kate and I are going to try to get to the festival--See your film with an audience, meet you, buy you a beer--or whatever it is a Lovecraft fan likes to drink--Yikes,--something scary and bubbling probably!


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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Great trailer! I've been a Lovecraft fan since my early teens and the music really fits his bizarre and disturbing writing.

    Have a great time at the festival!

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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Congratulations Reber!

    This is wonderful news. The trailer looks and sounds great. Directing also among your talents (in addition to your renown limerick)! Presenting Lovecraft's works in this unique way is fascinating.

    If there is any way I can make it, I will and also urge my Portland friends to see it.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

    Kudos to you,


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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Wow!!! Now that is really awesome!! Terrific images and magical music - I hope I am able to see this film - DVD?
    Thanks for sharing and hearty congratulations to you!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    100% deserved, sir!!
    Just make sure to remember your friends here on the forum when you get to Hollywood, OK?
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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Congratulations!! This must make you feel very good indeed! I enjoyed the short piece and am very curious what the movie may be about. My excitement for you is cyclopean

    Out of curiosity, have you seen the Call of Cthulhu film released by HPLHS ?

    Incidentally, I'm a huge Lovecraft fan myself and have a few HPL related ideas percolating including a sample library based on his works. Have you got any other HPL related projects??

    again congrats and please keep us posted!!
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    Re: Lovecraft Film Accepted

    Wow. Great responses everybody! Thanks for the fantastic support and encouragement.

    STYXX - Thanks! Coming from an experienced movie scorer like yourself I am overwhelmed.

    RichR - Thanks for the encourgement!

    rbowser - Randy, I would love to see you and Kate. My wife won't be there. A beer is a fine idea! Thanks for your incredible support and advice thru the years!

    LFO - Thanks! I'm a first timer at any film festival so it should be interesting!

    Gary Garritan - Very nice to hear from you! High praise indeed. Thanks you for your vision and your software. Changed my life - that's fo' sho'. I would love to meet your Portland friends. Send 'em on!

    sd cisco - Thanks! It's a DVD (for the festival actually it's an .AVI digital projection - better quality than DVD) but I've been calling it a "movie" because it isn't actually "on film" and to cover all the bases.

    SNORLAX - "Hollywood" seems very far away. Thru this project I've met some great film makers right here in the Chicago area. See you at Midwest this year, I hope!

    chesterdesmond - What the movie is about is 33 minutes long. Just kidding. Seriously there's a synopsis on IMDb.com at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1478429 . Scroll down to "Plot" and click "Full Synopsis."

    Yes! I've seen (and own) Call of Cthulhu by the HPLHS! Great stuff! The composers that worked on it are amazing especially Troy Sterling Nies. Have you heard any of their radio plays (Dark Adventure Radio Theatre)? They're fantastic. I was fortunate enough to contribute some recorded "croakings" to their production of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Andrew Leman and Sean Branney of the HPLHS are really great and Leman's narration and reading of Lovecraft cannot be beat.

    As far as other HPL projects - yes I am starting a couple. I did a commissioned piece for the University Singers of Indiana/Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana and a percussion ensemble a few years ago entitled Dark Feasts which used Arthur Machen, Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard quotes. Lotsa fun to do!

    everybody - Thanks again! I will keep you updated!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

    http://reberclark.blogspot.com http://reberclark.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/reberclark

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