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Topic: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

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    Thumbs down VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    ...or you will be punished...LOL. I did a funny mistake!

    Reading the banner of this page, and because I had some temptation of buying Special Edition, I go to the VSL site and reading too fast the promotion mechanics...I placed an order.

    So buying Special Edition I was expecting to receive the Extended version for free...but it was my fault.

    They are clever...you get it only if you buy 6 (yes, 6, so round 2.500 euros of products).

    The worse thing is that I had Chamber Strings and I was very happy, but the Special Edition is not really as good as I was expecting:
    - sounds like Opus 1 on K2, no serious improvement
    - it's unstable on my Vista 64: crashed inside Cubase Essential 4, but also as a stand alone player...it didn't happen with Chamber Strings.
    - makes clicks and noise, never heard before in Chamber Strings...

    So double disappointement...LOL...next time I'll be less impulsive, and for sure before I buy VSL again...I'll think twice.

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. VSL's sales are always so tricky, I always have to read them twice before I actually understand what the sale is. I do wish that they could be a little bit more aggressive with their "blowout sales", because honestly, BUY 6 GET ONE EXTENDED LIBRARY FREE is not a very appealing sale unless someone already has 5 libraries.

    Thanks for sharing your situation though, I hope others can avoid getting into that impulsive mode because of your post.

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    Hi Fabio,

    that's a bummer...
    This sale is one for people with way too much money to spend...

    However they did a sale with better conditions earlier this year where I got the Appasionata Violins Extended based on owning the Special Editions.
    But Alex is right, you always have to read very well.

    I must say I am pretty pleased with the Special Edition. I own both extended and plus libraries and I use them a lot in my music.
    I never experienced the problems you mention, but I am on a mac ;-)

    Are you sure you have installed the latest product updates from the VSL website?

    Anyway, I wish you lots of fun with the library...


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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    To be honest with You, I don't understand what is the point to make that kind of promotion.
    If someone can afford to buy 5 or 6 VSL products (and they don't cost as little as Garritan) , spend more than one or two thousands euros, and saving one or two hundred - is not promotion , is just a little discount (less then 10% I suppose).

    And for new potential customers information on some websites just lie:" buy standard version get extended free" and is just not fair!

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    Well, VSL have a tendency to make an extra effort in creating complicated sales promotions, that is also why I contacted the sales dept. at VSL before making any purchases.

    The way I understand it, you DON'T need to buy 6 libraries in order to get one extended library for free.
    HOWEVER, if you want to get one free extended library for free you MUST have 5 standard libraries registered, and upon buying a sixth standard library you get one extended library for free (and you can choose for which standard library you want an extended library).

    If you want two extended libraries for free and you have 5 standard libraries registered, you need to buy 7 more standard libraries in order to qualify for 2 free extended libraries, because you need to have 10 standard libraries registered in order to get two free extended libraries.

    If you want three extended libraries for free, you need to have 15 libraries registered, and buy and register three more standard libraries. All before (or on) sept. 15th of course.

    Unfortunately this doesn't do you any good anymore, Fabio.
    In my case I had already 8 standard libraries registered, so I decided to use this opportunity to expand my VSL libraries and get a great discount by means of the free extended libraries.

    So, I'm quite happy with the VSL summer sale, but I empathize with your situation.
    VSL sale promotions are sometimes of biblical proportions in the sense that their interpretations can be on a par with theological dissertations, and so it's always a good idea to get in touch with the scribes of the sale to see what they meant.

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    See I view this sale from the other side.

    I can't agree with aeronaut that previous sales had better conditions. I busted my butt buying the symphonic cube, then all the sales seemed to suddenly favour SE customers, or those who'd bought very specific combinations of standard libraries. In fact, during one sale, those who had some combinations of standard libraries were suddenly awarded completely free products.

    I found myself, having given VSL a fortune, watching them reward much smaller investors, almost at random.

    At least this latest sale rewards simple loyalty.

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    hi pingu,

    from your side you are right of course...
    that is the problem with sales, it is hard to please everyone.

    Often the purpose of a sale is to attract new customers, but it is difficult to do this without making your most loyal customers unhappy...
    you see this happening all the time.

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    Lightbulb Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    Just few comments:

    Aeronaut: yes the mac is more stable . unfortunately my mac is too old (G5 MacPro) to run VSL.... So I have the Quad core 64Bit PC...it's cheap (less than one half of the corresponding Mac...) it's fantastic...so powerfull...WHEN IT WORKS!...that's not always (sometime it's really frustrating).
    I wrote "sounds like Opus 1 on K2". This is not a bad benchmark, I love the clean and clear sound of Vienna samples, and legato is a nice tool. But in the era of virtual instruments (like sample modeling) I was expecting a better programming and a more efficient articulation management.
    My VSL Chamber Strings were quite better working, probably due to lower memory/disk use and the nature of samples expression.

    Jan: yes you are right. But in case you read the banner, and plan to buy VSL because of the promotion, then you HAVE to buy 6. The banner don't say "A PRIZE FOR FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS: OWN 5 BUY ONE GET ONE" that is the true promotion.
    The banner say "get extended for free till 15 September"...it sounds attractive...that's the marketing trick...not totally fair in my humble opinion...(effective by the way with people like me, always in a rush...LOL)

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    Over a couple of years that I've been a VSL customer I understood that the least expensive way with them is to buy big full libraries at once and as many of them as you can , being also very careful with their sales offers. The ideal thing would be to buy the Symphonic Cube if one can afford it. I couldn't, so I had to be very careful.

    First I wanted to buy the Special Edition until I started to hear funny things in music made with it by my fellow musicians ( VSL official demos of this product sounded perfect, of course). Then it dawned on me - there were no fast legato patches in it. That got me thinking (I hadn't used or purchased any of their libraries by then and I didn't know the names of the patches of course, that I learned later) what else was missing in the Special Edition I might be unaware of?

    With this question in mind I went through all the articulation charts and still knew nothing about the Special Edition sample content. VSL famous legato alone comes in three types - slow, medium and fast, detache and staccato can be short and long etc, but there's no info about what kind of them is actually included in the Special Edition.

    By then I already understood that if I wanted a fully functional and not a handicapped string section, I had to steer clear of the Special Edition. As for the rest of the instruments there I just didn't have the nerve to investigate their features because it meant buggering forum members with questions about every single articulation. I could have called VSL I suppose, but when asked these questions on their forum they usually send you to their sample content charts pages and that wasn't helping.

    Since I still needed VSL instruments (I just got hooked on their sound and capabilities so much that I couldn't and even now can hardly think of any other libs), I decided to build a decent string section by buying Solo Strings and Chamber Strings to start with. Time proved this to be a good choice. But I had to draw an unpleasant conclusion to check every single smallest bit of information coming from VSL product pages.

    The same probably goes for their sales offers. Even if it didn't, I just don't feel like double and triple checking the details again.

    So Pingu, don't be sad. I think you did very well having bought the Cube. You went the least expensive route.That's probably why people like you don't interest VSL much and they are not too hasty to offer you something for free. May this thought warm your heart.
    Aeronaft, if one day you decide Special Edition doesn't fulfill your orchestration needs you'll have to go the much more expensive route. Whatever further discounts you get, they will probably hardly justify your investments in Special Edition. If you're happy with it then good for you, it'll keep you from spending a lot of money, but there was a reason for you to want to get Appassionata Strings in spite of their being included into SE. That's the tricky point. Whatever you buy from VSL you still lack something. From there you can choose to take the shortest and toughest path and buy the big libraries. You'll lose in the end, but not as much as you will if you go to their download instruments (you guessed it, something will be missing again but not as much as in SE and SE+) and then end up buying their full libs anyway.
    Fabio, cheer up. Let this be the biggest disappointment you had in your life.

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    Re: VSL...never be too fast in reading promotions...

    Funny. Just when I finished writing the previous post I checked my mailbox and saw an email from VSL reminding me that sale was about to end soon. Haha.

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