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Topic: Another test

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    The Peacock


    Hello all,

    Its been a long time since i have had the opportunity to say hi here at NorthernSounds and with the completion of my latest concert piece I thought I might do just that...

    This piece came about when I went to the MET museum of art in New York and saw an exhibit of the Dutch Masters. There was a painting called The Peacock by an artist named Melchior dHondecoeter. When I set eyes on it, I was completely mesmerized. Some weeks later, a friend gave me a very lovely art print of the painting for my birthday and, in return I decided to set it to music.

    Such was the birth of the musical version of The Peacock. I spent about 8 weeks writing it on 5 staves than, in one very concentrated week, orchestrated the whole thing in time to give it back to her as a holiday gift.

    The samples are all from the custom library I have built over the year. The majority of the strings a derived from the GOS library and, in this piece you can hear those wonderful Grand Sustains in the moments where my impressionist side seems to give way to my romantic side. As is usually the case for me, the real challenge is making the samples sound somewhat realistic. If it took 8 weeks to write and 1 week to orchestrate, you may be surprised to know that it took me longer to manipulate the samples to get them to do what I was hearing in my head.

    As always, I have the full score completely written out before I sit down at sequencer (DP) and fire up the samples. If anyone is interested, I could post a pdf of the full score and or short score.

    Oh yes, one other thing, anyplace you hear piano, imagine solo strings...

    Id love to hear comments

    Kindest regards,

    Andy Brick
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    Re: Another test

    Right now I only have a lousy set of desktop speakers and I can’t appreciate the programming of the samples. The impression that I get though is very good.
    As a composition, I found it wonderful. And I really mean it.
    A lot of deferent feelings and situations were brought in to my mind hearing this piece. It is emotional, descriptive, very tender and (little) dramatic. I feel like it was written for a ballet.
    I believe that the title in the forum is too modest. The last thing that can describe this work is the word “test”.

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