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Topic: Happy Birthday Arvo Pärt !!!

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    Happy Birthday Arvo Pärt !!!

    Today September 11 is Arvo Pärt's 74th birthday.

    Happy birthday to one of the important living composers of our time.


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    Re: Happy Birthday Arvo Pärt !!!

    Ya know...I misplaced my Arvo Part and now the machine won't run!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Arvo Pärt !!!

    I really like his music too, although not all of it. I think of Tabula Rasa as one of the best discs in my collection.

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    Re: Happy Birthday Arvo Pärt !!!

    I adore the height of his Tintinabuli works - the St John Passion, Miserere, Sarah was 90 Years Old, etc. But I think part of what I loved was the sound, as much as the composition; that piercing countertenor sound in a huge reverb. Now that he's trying to extend the same principles to orchestral works it's not so profound.

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