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Topic: Vibraphon without vibrato

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    Vibraphon without vibrato

    I would like to have the option to use the vibraphon
    without the 'propellers rotating' - in other words without
    this kind of modulation.
    Is there any way to achieve this?



    meanwhile I've found it myself
    ->settings >Var1 to value 0

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    Re: Vibraphon without vibrato

    Hi, Robert

    Absolutely - In either the current GPO4/Aria or the previous GPO3/KP2, the Vibraphone's tremolo is controllable:

    --MIDI CC# 22 controls the trem, from "0" which turns the effect completely off, on through to the full level of 127 - so you can control how much effect there is on the instrument.

    --MIDI CC#23 controls the trem speed, from very slow to very fast, so you can get exactly the trem you want when it's engaged.


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