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Topic: NOTION3 is here!

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    NOTION3 is here!

    We've been "burning the midnight oil" over here at NOTION and are proud to announce the release of NOTION3.

    Here's the official PR blurb:

    "NOTION3 is the first product that truly bridges the gap between notation and an audio application. So now, not only can you compose and hear your notated score played back instantly with real instrument samples, you can actually perform live or produce music that sounds simply amazing.

    And priced at just $249, it’s an incredible value. "

    Visit the site to check out the videos and new features!!


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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    There is a demo of your program?

    Best Regards
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    We'll have a demo for download on the site around the ship date (late Sept.).


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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    Thanks! good to know.

    Best Regards
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    Hey Kyle, how's it going?

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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    Quote Originally Posted by wcreed View Post
    Hey Kyle, how's it going?
    Going really well! Currently playing around with ReWire and Notion3.....all I have to say is AWESOME!!!!

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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    Is N3 shipping yet? Projections on when the demo version will be posted?

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    Re: NOTION3 is here!

    Any date on the demo?
    Your product seems interesting... check my post "Logic Score Editor"...


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