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Topic: Cme 2012

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    Cme 2012

    CME stands for Coronal Mass Ejection and these can happen when there is a lot of sunspot activity on the sun. The next timeframe of heavy activity of sunspots is in 2012.

    This piece was just an exercise in a Discovery channel type of show, where one possible end of all life scenario is explained. The opening section is where explanations take place of how magnetic lines build up on the sun, getting twisted and coiled all together and then how when they release their energy, mass is often ejected into space.The first section ends with the eruption of the stored energy with millions of tons of charged particles being ejected into space (shown by the gong and cymbal hits). The next section is all about the mass of Mt Everest racing towards Earth at over 1000 miles/sec (360,000 mph). (Sometimes even faster, as in over a million mph).

    For comparison, the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs was one tenth the mass of Mt Everest and was going around 30,000 mph.

    The last section of the piece depicts Earth, without an atmosphere, where all life is extinct.

    Here it is


    Or here


    The piece uses many libraries and various synths.
    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Cme 2012

    Excellent opening on this... really captures the
    ponderous if somewhat violent majesty of a CME.

    I found this very representative of the real event,
    Ron, in mind's ear... the large sweeps, the re-
    gressions, and -- there's a certain cyclic
    rhythmicity that echoes the heaves and swells
    of the cosmic reality.

    That lushly gorgeous center section really caught
    me by surprise; but it evolved handsomely into the
    inevitable consequences of the event.

    There's much to consider in this well wrought
    triptych, my friend. Very well done.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Cme 2012

    Hi there Ron;
    I want you to know, I had this piece booming all over the house this morning, swept to and fro with the ebb and flow, as the drama unfolded. A vision of the inevitable consequence of living.
    sd cisco

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    Re: Cme 2012


    I must admit I am surprised at your comments. Or should I say your lack of comments concerning 2012. I thought that you would be the one to add the date of the final removal of the atmosphere when all life on Earth ends.

    I took alot of time in each of these sections trying to get the right feel for what I envisioned going on at the time. For example, in the first section I tried my best to musically show the intertwining magnetic fields. In the second section, I tried to show that in the vastness of space, it can almost seem peaceful when millions of tons of mass are traveling thru space at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour. Then I tried to show a picture of the atmosphere of Earth being blown off our planet into space by that same mass. Of course the ending is just supposed to show the utter destruction of all life and how our planet would be transformed into a lifeless rock. All of which is quite possible and in fact, very probable once our sun gets a lot older and a lot bigger.

    Once again you had me looking up words. I guessed what triptych meant and this time I was pretty close.


    I rarely get the chance to allow my music to boom around the house so I am a bit jealous. Hope it didn't break any of your windows.

    Thanks guys

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Cme 2012

    I guess I've been too caught up in threads over at General Discussion - I'm only now seeing this post, Ron, right when it was ready to suffer its own Coronal Mass Ejection into The Listening Room's second page.

    I guess this isn't the kind of CME you meant:


    Your mission is accomplished magnificently, Ron, to compose a Discovery Channel kind of sound track. Actually, more interesting than most of the music on those shows.

    Full of drama--you know I love that. And I could feel, ironically, a greater sense of organization in this than I sometimes do with your explosive work.

    I'd leave off the "2012" part of the title. I'm so tired of all that nonsense. But the scientific certainty of the Sun going through a melt down is another thing.

    Wonderful sound scape--Thanks, Ron.


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