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Topic: GPO4 Accordion: Very Nice!

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    Wink GPO4 Accordion: Very Nice!

    Hi friends. Just to say that the accordion in GPO4 is very handy.
    If you want hear it, i made a super-quick test real playing test:


    Im not kidding ... Just load the ensemble called "02 Woodwind Section One.aria" or "03 Woodwind Section Two.aria", map all the channels to "OM" and you will get this sound... in the mp3 the first part is the woodwind One, and the repetition is the woodwind two. You can replace the "KS" instruments, to avoid the keyswitching when playing chords...
    Would be nice if to experiment with this, adding some instruments and tweaking the balance of volume between them. Let me know any trick you can suggest to enhance this.
    Have fun!

    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO4 Accordion: Very Nice!

    !!!--That is wild, Marce---! Has a great sound. Doesn't beat the Accordion in JABB, but hey, it has an interesting character all on its own. One has to wonder How in heck you came up with this idea-?!


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    Re: GPO4 Accordion: Very Nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    One has to wonder How in heck you came up with this idea-?!

    Just was trying the ensembles in the GPO4 folder, and i wanted to hear the section sounding at once... and i figured how similar to an accordion sound it was...
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO4 Accordion: Very Nice!

    Yes, I've come across that effect. It happens with a woodwind ensemble when you have no humanisation and no mod-wheel sculpting (etc) -- the sort of thing I get when I first type in some music before working on it. To my ears it sounds more like an old-fashioned pedal organ.

    Funny, I've always thought of it as an effect to avoid like the plague rather than one that could actually be used as a new instrumental sound. Marcelo, thanks for thinking outside the box.
    Canberra, Australia

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