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Topic: Omnisphere Tutorial

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    Omnisphere Tutorial

    Hi group: please excuse the promotional nature of this post, which I've also posted on the Spectrasonics Yahoo email list:

    I've authored the "Core Omnisphere" tutorial for Mac Pro Video. This 3-hour+ video serves not only as a detailed guide through Omnisphere's functionality, but also as an overview of synthesis techniques in a more generally useful fashion. It complements Spectrasonic's own video tutorials by thoroughly covering the "whys" as well as the "hows" of the interface.

    The link:

    I hope it can be useful to some of you Omnisphere users.

    Thanks! - Jonathan Perl

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    Re: Omnisphere Tutorial

    Great tutorials Jonathan....thanks so much for doing those! :-)

    (aka: EP)

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    Re: Omnisphere Tutorial

    [QUOTE=spectrum;631643]Great tutorials Jonathan....thanks so much for doing those! :-)

    Thanks for the kind words.

    If you haven't had a chance to view it all and need a copy sent, I have recently contacted Michael about getting it to you - please let me, or Martin Sitter at Mac Pro Video, know.

    Sonic Arts Center @ CCNY, Assoc. Director
    Mac Audio Trainers, Certified Logic Master Trainer

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    Re: Omnisphere Tutorial

    Bought it a couple of weeks ago!

    Great work, very informative and if nothing else drove home some of the ways to deep edit Omni that I always forget when designing multis etc.



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    Re: Omnisphere Tutorial


    Great in depth tutorial. I highly recommend it to anybody who uses Omnisphere. It is great for anybody who is into electronic music synthesis.


    Ron Sarja

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    Re: Omnisphere Tutorial

    I just finished this tutorial a few days ago, thought it was really good. I learned a lot about synthesis in general and it definitely got me started tweaking and designing patches in Omni. So thanks!

    I'd love to see a more advanced tutorial to follow!


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    Re: Omnisphere Tutorial


    Thank you so much for the Omnisphere tutorial.

    It is very well done and your voice is easy for me to listen to over and over.

    I'm not only learning about Omnisphere, but increasing my understanding of things that will help me make choices using all my VSTi's.

    The more I know about Omnisphere, the more I appreciate it.

    This tutorial is a real help for me.


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