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Topic: GPO4 or Finale

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    GPO4 or Finale

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    Hi, I'm new to both GPO and Finale. I'm interested in purchasing GPO4, but I noticed the new version of Finale includes many Garritan sounds along with the Aria Player, and other features I like so maybe I should get that.

    My question is whether there is a difference between the sound quality and the instruments offered in GPO4 and the Finaled bundled.

    Thanks for your help and feedback!


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    Re: GPO4 or Finale

    The only real difference is that GPO 4 comes with a larger number of orchestral instruments than Finale. As far as I can tell, there's no difference in sound quality if you compare individual instruments, but the larger number of instruments in GPO 4 should give you a richer overall sound.

    On the other hand, what comes with Finale should be adequate for most basic orchestral needs. Plus, the Finale player includes some jazz and ethnic instruments that aren't included in GPO 4.
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