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Topic: Old Customer back and confussed

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    Old Customer back and confussed

    I have an earlier release of GPO, the older Finale ones, and the Jazz release. On vacation and hoped to install them on my (new) laptop to get some work done but the site doesn't recognize my login (it's been a while) and there seems to be no email for support. I was hoping to log in and get my keys, download the libs, and get some work done (like how most musical software sites work:-)). I can't even figure out where I might download the software from! Any help or suggestions? Or should I go back to the beach?

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    Re: Old Customer back and confussed

    Hi, Rich

    You need to go to:


    Support contact is there.

    I'd try to help you more here right now but I don't understand several things about your post - you have the Finale version of GPO, not the original full library? You are referring to JABB, but that's a separate library.

    Explain in detail what all you need through the contact form at the above site.


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    Re: Old Customer back and confussed

    If I read your email right you suggest continuing via the support email, which I just sent. Thanks for your quick help!

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