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Topic: omnisphere question - retrigger

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    omnisphere question - retrigger

    so, i want a note to pitch upward (e.g. rising one octave in one second), repeating via the arpeggiator, pitching up again on each repeat. the way i would do this normally is to have a reverse saw attached to the pitch and have it retrigger with each note. is there a way to retrigger the LFOs in omnisphere?

    i do have a slight workaround, but even it isn't functioning correctly: instead of an LFO, i have a mod envelope attached to pitch to do the same thing. it triggers correctly when i press a note, but when using the arpeggiator it only triggers the first time and on each subsequent repeat the pitch stays constant. shouldn't the mod envelope be triggering with each note? thanks!

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    Re: omnisphere question - retrigger

    Pu the LFO in NOTE trigger mode and SYNC ON

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    Re: omnisphere question - retrigger

    "SYNC ON"+retrigger makes it work. thanks a mill!

    also fwiw i answered my second question on my own. i didn't realize there were note/legato settings for the mod envelopes as well...great stuff!

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