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Topic: Favourites tip for RMX users

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    Favourites tip for RMX users

    I have what I feel to be an adequate computer running XP with 4Gb & Cubase 4.52.

    I was testing out the Favourites/Edit Buffer section of RMX, following EP's video (for version 1.7).

    As I tried to move elements in the suite to different notes, it kept crashing Cubase/the PC.

    If anyone else has had this problem, this may help:

    I believe that loading a suite in Slice Mode loads only so many elements.
    In Groove Mode it loads them all. EP to confirm (?) as I'm still finding my feet with RMX.
    EP uses a very large suite in the demo video, so I tried with a smaller suite. This worked okay without crashing, so perhaps my guess is right.

    I then reloaded the large suite again and could move the elements in slice mode - the only problem being that the keyboard isn't displayed when in Slice Mode.

    May only be a simple tip but it may save a few of you some headaches.
    Neil B
    Pentium 4 PC Windows XP Home 32 bit 3.6 Ghz, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Trilian, Kontakt 3, GPO 3, EWQLSC, Scope Pulsar II, Cubase 4.5

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    Re: Favourites tip for RMX users

    rmx crashes here once in the while in Cubase 4, especially after the 1.7 update, when going into Souns Menus, selecting Crashes hi-fi or lo-fi and than "Cubase 4 encountered a problem......"

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    Re: Favourites tip for RMX users

    It sounds like you're both running out of memory. See the Memory Issues FAQ at support.spectrasonics.net for steps you can take to help with this problem. However, both Cubase and Stylus RMX are available in 64 bit versions, and using 64 bit is always the best solution to the problem of running out of memory.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Favourites tip for RMX users

    followed the instructions. RMX is now happy with that "3GB switch" and doesn't want to crash.

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