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Topic: ARIA (and others) freeze after a few minutes of playing...

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    ARIA (and others) freeze after a few minutes of playing...

    ARIA (and other standalone software such as NI Massive) will consistently freeze for me after a few minutes of successful, responsive playing with the EWI USB.

    It may happen after playing less than one minute, at most I'm able to play about ten minutes, but sooner of later ARIA or Massive will get stuck on one or sometimes two simultaneous notes that may play indefinitely. The software instrument will at this point be unresponsive to new input from the EWI (but e.g. ARIA may or may not make sounds by clicking on the virtual keyboard).

    Resetting the EWI USB with the hardware switch has no effect on input to the software. The only way to fix the problem in e.g. ARIA is to kill and restart it or to go to Tools/Preferences and hit OK, which presumably reloads the Audio Device.

    I have tried the following but without solving my problem:

    - different ASIO drivers (ASIO4ALL and M-Audio ASIO - latest version
    - using ARIA as standalone and as VST plugin
    - tried it on both my laptop and my desktop (both are however Vista SP2)
    - tried all kinds of different buffer sizes and sample rates for both ASIO drivers
    - set Vista Power Options to High Performance (i.e. no USB sleep enabled etc.)

    I have even had this behaviour from Direct Sound (although it is pretty much unusable anyway from a latency point of view), just to prove that it's not ASIO related.

    Not sure if this helps, but when I've looked at e.g. ARIA in this frozen state using Process Explorer, it will typically have jumped to 50% CPU with the following listed as the Start Address:

    wdmaud.drv!midMessage +0xa6b8

    WinDBG will show the last ModLoad as:

    Program Files\Plogue\Aria\plugins\MIDITransposer_x86.dll

    Here is the stack for the high CPU wdmaud thread:


    In the case where Massive gets hung (although as with ARIA, the interface is responsive), the following thread is listed with high CPU (again, around 50%):


    I realize that this is perhaps a Vista issue and not ARIA since I can recreate similar behaviour with different software, but I'm I'll take anyone's input at this point since the EWI is pretty much unusable except in short spurts.

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    Re: ARIA (and others) freeze after a few minutes of playing...

    I remember a similar issue with NIkontakt player because the midi CC controllers Overflow. I dont remember what was the solution for this, i will search in the forum a little.
    Marcelo Colina

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