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Topic: Drum kits with variety?

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    Drum kits with variety?

    I\'m looking for Giga-format drumkits with plenty of variety.

    There was some discussion on this forum about this a few months back but I don\'t recall what the verdict was.

    Obviously there are plenty of realistic, multi-velocity layered kits now available for Giga. What I am looking for is variety for rock / pop / funk etc.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Drum kits with variety?

    pure Drums is my choice for varety. I have a bunch of the other drums libraries, and this one is the only one thta has distint variations between sounds.

    Real \"Mega\" Drums has some \"effected\" kits and extra stuff.

    Real *Giga* Drums has 5 kits but not majorly different sounding. I don\'t own Puurfect Drums so I don\'t know what it comes with....which omething that frustrates me,..there is little info on the library..but at 249 I can see it being a value...not sure about variety tho....

    Drum Kit from Hell sounds nice...but its one kit ...and its definitely geared towards rock...but man does it sound nice in the demos

    clearmountain?.....IMO its ca ca, my worst purchase in my opinion...

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Drum kits with variety?

    What sometimes amazes me is that most real acoustic drummers have maybe one or two drum kits with a few snare and bass drums, yet I have literally hundreds of sampled snare and bass drums to choose from and I\'m still not satisfied!


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