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Topic: Creating Sample CD's

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    Creating Sample CD\'s

    I\'m in the process of creating my own sample CD\'s - Cello and Jazz Drums/Bass - and was wondering what kind of licensing one has to gain before selling them on in various formats. For example, I\'m now at the stage where everything is recorded in stunningly realistic 24bit and all I need to do is convert these raw files to more commercially viable formats (gig and akia mainly). Who do I approach - or can I simply market them without the consent of the hosts\' software companies?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Re: Creating Sample CD\'s

    If you are owner of the samples you can basically do what you please, but if you hired someone to play an instrument and then you sampled their playing, you would obviously need to work something out in writing so they haunt you down the road. But as far as getting permission from Akai or Tascam to market samples in their format, I would be shocked if you had to pay them to make samples for their products. I\'m sure some of the sample developers here will set you straight on that issue. Good Luck!

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