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Topic: Gofriller and Stradivari in GPO4?

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    Gofriller and Stradivari in GPO4?

    Ok, I was reading the list of instruments in the new GPO4 and I want to upgrade to it, but I was confused. Did they just take the samples from the two discontinued libraries or are they resampled instruments or are they actually using the discontinued samples in the new GPO4?

    Someone help, it would be cool if they included the instruments, since you can't get them anymore, either that or maybe they will release them bundled with their new orchestral release; if anyone has news on when that will come out, I'd like to know that as well.


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    Re: Gofriller and Stradivari in GPO4?

    New versions of the Strad and Gofriller are supposed to be included in GOS 2, along with some additional solo strings, similarly programmed. No word for now on when that's supposed to come out (soon, I hope!)

    The solo strings in GPO 4 are basically the same ones as in previous versions of GPO, only reprogrammed for the Aria player.
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    Re: Gofriller and Stradivari in GPO4?

    I don't know the former libraries and I am wondering
    if there have been harmonics (flageolet) of violins.
    I'd love to have that ...


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