I happened to come across this YouTube video, which is the performance in GPO by (presumably) Walter Zielke, of the 1st movement of a piano concert by a Romantic, German composer, about whom I hadn't heard before. The style is comparable to Bruch, a bit less to Brahms. Judging by the number of views (21!), this 11 minute movement hasn't been brought to attention before, an undeserved fate.

For those less fluent in German, I've translated the accompanying text as well as I could (German native speakers: please correct major errors):

Hugo Kaun, second concerto in C minor for piano and orchestra, opus 115
Readable score (Flash) at www.albismusic.com

New issue of the "note edition" of the late romantic piano concerto. Sound rendered from Sibelius 5 (GPO and PMI Boesendorfer290).

Rarely has the re-publication of a romantic solo concerto made the professional world so enthusiastic as that of the c minor piano concerto by Hugo Kaun (1863-1932). The few printed scores were considered lost as a consequence of the war. At last this great music can get its deserved performance once more.

Orchestra material on loan from publisher. Keyboard extract (first print, Joh. André) freely downloadable PDF at www.imslp.org