Hi. My H.N is Veron.I`m Japanese.

I`m looking for a good Strings Library that
I can load in my XV-5080(Roland).
By the way I`m sorry but I dont have a
Giga Sampler.So I was looking for a
good Strings Library that is in
Akai S1000,S3000 format or in Roland S-760
format. I`d like a sound like Hans Zimmer,
Trevor Rabin,Mark Mancina,Harry Gregson Williams.

I know some few Sample Libraries like
Kirk Hunters Virtuoso Strings,Advanced
Orchestra,Ultimate Strings,
Roland L-CDX Series,X-samples,Vitous.

But I dont know what to buy. I`ve looked
at the past topics that were posted but
I could`nt find the information that I wanted so I posted a new topic.
I really appreciate it if someone
could help me.

I`m sorry if my english is bad.