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Topic: Complete Newbie to this program!

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    Complete Newbie to this program!

    Hey there,

    So this isnt my first VST....I use EZ Drummer + all the expansions, and before i got GPO, i was using NI Bandstand to compose strings and the like for my recordings.

    This software is a little more complicated than i thought...What i am used to doing, is importing a midi track that i created using guitar pro 5 (with all the instruments in there) and having the VST auto detect which instrument it is, and loading everything on its own..

    here are the problems i am have:
    - im not sure how to upload midi files to the stand alone version
    - Im not sure how to make it auto detect instruments from the midi file (if at all possible)
    -Im not sure how to play more than one instrument at a time...i load up more than one instrument, but only one plays at a time.

    how do you guys compose files with out the use of a MIDI instrument?

    thanks for all your help, i appreciate it!

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    Re: Complete Newbie to this program!

    Hi, Marc

    There are some confusing things in your post, but I'll try to answer you. You said you've used VSTs, but then you ask how to use the stand alone Aria. VSTs are software synths used inside audio/MIDI programs, sequencers like Sonar. Guitar Pro is in that category, but I've never used it - apparently it can import VST instruments? If so--that's how you'll need to use GPO4.

    Bandstand that you've been using is a General MIDI sound module. That means it has a standard set of sounds which are the same list as any GM module. GM was developed so people could easily share MIDI files and be sure that everyone's hearing the instruments intended - so they do indeed auto-load. The programming of which instrument should be in each MIDI tracks is part of the file.

    But software like GPO doesn't work like GM. It's organized totally differently, so it doesn't have the standard list of GM sounds ("Piano" through "Helicopter")--it's a full set of all the instruments in an orchestra. You have to compose your songs as you want, choosing instruments you need as you assemble the structure of your piece.

    I'm not sure why you'd want to upload a MIDI file in standalone since you're using Guitar Pro - but you can do that using the arrow on the bottom left corner.

    You need to use GPO/Aria as a plugin, as a VST instrument - Only then will you be able to play more than one instrument at a time. In stand alone, you're limited to the stereo outs of your computer - it only has one. But a VST host like Guitar Pro, will give you multiple audio channels. You need to pair those up with the tracks and MIDI channels in Aria.

    I don't know what your last question means--how do we compose without a MIDI instrument--Well, we Do use MIDI instruments. I think you might mean that you don't have one --But isn't that what Guitar Pro is for? You can hand insert notes and choose the instruments the MIDI notes trigger.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Complete Newbie to this program!

    thanks for your reply!

    so im thinking now that the version of GPO i recieved (from a friend) is a bit out dated:

    this is what it looks like

    now im trying to figure out how to assign an instrument to a track...

    they way my midi files works is usually:

    track 1 - melody
    track 2- chords
    track 3- harmony

    and that gets squeezed into one midi file

    is there a way to assign an instrument to the first track, second, third etc?

    is that what that little button that says "OMNI" and has an option of 1-16 to choose from does?

    thanks for your help...its hard to find a manual for this exact version i have

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    Re: Complete Newbie to this program!

    Hello again, Marc - I see, yes that's the out-dated first version of GPO.

    My previous answer was referring to the current one, when I said where the upload MIDI button is on the stand-alone version, for instance.

    But it sounds like you're still trying to use this old version in stand-alone instead of a VST instrument inside your recording program. You gotta do that.

    FIRST, however, you should upgrade your GPO. Go here, and registered copies of GPO can be upgraded:



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