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Topic: Omnisphere Pitch Envelope Modulation

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    Omnisphere Pitch Envelope Modulation

    Hey guys,

    I've been playing round with modulating pitch via a complex Mod Envelope, but am having trouble getting points to sit at specific pitches on the vertical axis. Is there a way to snap (eg to 100cent values) so that I can have the pitch sliding round - but hitting specific notes at each point?

    If that makes sense

    Any help appreciated,


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    Re: Omnisphere Pitch Envelope Modulation

    When modulating Coarse Pitch, the cents are displayed to help you target a specific pitch and you can use the Fine option to get precise values. There is no way to snap to a semitone, but that's a good idea and we'll look into that for a future update.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere Pitch Envelope Modulation

    That was listed in the Omnisphere suggetion thread also. Got my fingers crossed.

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