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Topic: Hanging notes in GPO4

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    Hanging notes in GPO4

    In combination with Logic (both 8 and 9), I have odd problems with GPO4/Aria player (the Audio Unit version). It seems that whenever there is some sustain pedal activity, notes will hang if I don't start the song from the start. My guess is that Aria player treats the sustain pedal as a sustain and not as legato at that point. The player also tends to sustain notes in scrub mode, but KP2 does the same, so I guess I cannot blame Aria for that.

    It is highly annoying and makes GPO4 nearly useless. Is there some magical combination of settings I have to get right? Did anyone else experience this?

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    Re: Hanging notes in GPO4


    I'm a new user, still working with GPO4 (in Logic 9), and I'm having similar problems with sustaining notes, having to reload instruments several times, and horribly out of tune strings (here and there, randomly). I'm sure I'm doing several things incorrectly, so if anyone know of any online or YouTube tutorials, let me know!?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Hanging notes in GPO4

    I'm on Logic 8 and I do get this problem - even when there is no sustain pedal. It seems to happen if you stop Logic in the middle of what is playing and then resume - either from the same spot or back to where you want to start again. One quick way I have used to "resolve" this issue is to play it from where you want to start (it doesn't have to be from the beginning) and when you begin to hear the sustained notes, click your mouse to a bar earlier without hitting stop first. (Your mileage may vary )


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    Re: Hanging notes in GPO4

    I'm in Logic 8, GPO 4, also having this problem. Glad to know I'm not the only one. It's kind of annoying...

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