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Topic: installation/upgrade help please!

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    installation/upgrade help please!

    I bought a second hand copy (properly authorized) of GPO that has four DVD's with a copyright date of 2004. I followed the guide and it installed ok. I entered my transfered serial number ok. It plays ok as vst in Sonar 8.

    What is the current latest version to upgrade to now? I click on the Kontakt Player logo and it says:

    software version
    Library 1.0

    I think there are version updates available for both the library and Kontakt? Where to get the update file?

    I did try this:

    I found at NI site this file with date of 24.08.2007:

    "Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player 2.2.3 Win Update"

    Is this what I should install? Well I did instal it and entered my updated serial number (that I got from my seller) and it seemed to install ok. I see dates now in explore in the GPO libraries of 2007 (was 2003/2004). So it looks like I updated GPO libraries ok?

    But when I open GPO as a vst in Sonar, it's the same Kontakt Player and still shows same version and library 1.0, and when I try and load a library file, it will not and displays message I need to install current Kontakt Player!

    I installed 2.2.3 but it's not coming up as a vst! What to do?


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    Re: installation/upgrade help please!

    yes! thankyou! upgrading now!

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    Re: installation/upgrade help please!

    Awesome, Mike - Thanks for letting us know. When I posted you the Garritan site link, I was about to launch into more instructions, but felt you could probably see what to do once you went there.

    But don't hesitate to ask for more help if you need it.

    You're gonna love the new Aria GPO4 combo.

    Now - go check out my "Roll Over Beethoven" post - ! If you don't like the vid, don't tell me. hehe.


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