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Topic: Roll Over Beethoven

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    Roll Over Beethoven

    Some wild cat has put up a new video on You Tube - "A New Age Quasi-World pop-rock interpretation of Chuck Berry's seminal 'Roll Over Beethoven.'"

    And he seems to have used JABB, GPO, The Strad and The Gofriller along with other soft synths:

    Roll Over Chuck Berry

    Go groove.


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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    wow! great arrangement but then also putting to the cool video, great clips! All in sync too! ticked the funny bone, and got my foot tapping too! thanks again for upgrade help!

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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    hehehe---Thanks much, Mike---See, goes to show you what a little self promotion can do--since you clicked on my video after I said you had to visit You tube when I answered your tech question. 31 hits on this post with people doing whatEVer it is they do (or don't do), but you respond--You're Ok in my book! Thanks.


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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Clever arrangement. I particularly like the drums playing the guitar riff. And the tongued flute. I guess playing with one of those sounds spawned the idea. Your video skillz are not bad, but a bit lolcat, if u g3t wh eye m43n. The whole thing is nice 3 minute entertainment. If you're lucky, some anniversary is coming up (Chuck Berry gone missing for 100.000 days, or Beethoven changed the title of the 3rd symphony 200 years ago, something like that) and you can jump on the bandwagon, on your way to deserved glory and fame.

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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Hi, FLWrd - Thanks for taking a look at the vid. You sent me running to good ol Google, because I haven't heard the term "lolcat" before. Hmmm, here's what I found:

    "...A lolcat is an image combining a photograph, most frequently of a cat, with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption in (often) broken English—a dialect which is known as "lolspeak" or "kitty pidgin" and which parodies the poor grammar typically attributed to Internet slang. The name "lolcat" is a compound word of the acronymic abbreviation "LOL" and the word "cat".[1] A synonym for "lolcat" is cat macro, since the images are a type of image macro.[2] Lolcats are designed for photo sharing imageboards and other internet forums..."

    OK, I guess that vaguely relates to my singing Eastern Island heads -.---? I was thinking of those bits in the vid as Monty Pythonish.

    This idea of doing a rock tune with the African percussion I used in my last piece, "Da Ma Me Nau" just popped in my head and I decided to go with the flow of the idea, seeing where it'd lead me. I had a great time working on both the audio and then the video - I went ahead and put it on You Tube thinking perhaps it coud be good quirky entertainment.

    By the way, I used two Marimbas for that guitar line, and their timbre is so woody and percussive that it makes their pitch a bit obscure. I did use an electric bass, but otherwise it was just percussion, JABB flutes, GPO strings with The Strad and Gofriller, me singing, and a synth choir technique I first used in "Da."


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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Very cool Randy!

    Loved the Easter Island Chorus.

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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Jeepers Creepers Randy!!!!!!
    What an amazing piece of work from what an amazing guy!!! How the heck did you do that?!?!?
    Anyway, world-class all the way and a great way to end my day!
    For now,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    OK, I guess that vaguely relates to my singing Eastern Island heads -.---? I was thinking of those bits in the vid as Monty Pythonish.
    No, the Eastern Island heads are funny, at least the first time. I thought the roaring Beethoven at the end was over the top...
    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    I went ahead and put it on You Tube thinking perhaps it coud be good quirky entertainment.
    And that it certainly is.
    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    By the way, I used two Marimbas, ..., me singing, and a synth choir technique I first used in "Da."
    The combination blends very well. It has a kind of objet trouve quality.

    BTW, what's the "synth choir technique"? Do you own a copy of Garritan's still upcoming choir?

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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Very cooool, Randy!

    Is this you singing?

    I am waiting for your choir-recordings!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Roll Over Beethoven

    Thanks, Alan! - When I decided to put together a light-hearted You Tube-style vid to go with my off-beat Berry-Beatles-World Music project, it was my clever lady Kate who came up with the idea of having the Easter Island heads singing. Loved the concept, so went about doing it!

    Glad my silly little entertainment provided a fun end to your day, Sd--thanks for letting me know.

    How'd I do it? Most of it is in the You Tube tradition of using found vid from other You Tubers, edited together in Premiere. But when Kate's idea presented me with the challenge of animating the Easter Island "moai," I searched around for the program a technician used for my production of "Metropolis" here in town a few years back. I found it - "Crazy Talk 6"--fun program designed to animate still pictures.

    Hello again, FLWrd, I was just trying to understand what "lolcat" means since that's the first time I've seen the word. From Wikipedia's explanation that it usually refers to pictures of cats with funny captions which parody internet lingo--I still wasn't sure what you meant, but that's OK.

    The choir - no that's not Garritan. On this project and my last one, I've been using a morph program (unfortunately no longer available for PCs) to shape the output of a choir Sound Font.

    And Gunther, yeah that's me doing the lead vocal on this--AND I have started my contribution to your Garritan choir project - The way I'm doing it is turning out to be Very time consuming. I only have the set of vowels on my lowest note done. To make what I send usable, I need to do at least 6 or more set of notes.

    THANKS all - Glad my piece of whimsy amuses.


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