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Topic: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

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    "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    "The Sunbird"
    Michael John

    Comments welcome on my first GPO work! After years of hanging around this forum, and listening to so many great works made with GPO I knew I had to get GPO and I finally installed GPO4 yesterday, and made this in Sonar today.

    This composition is an entry for KVR forum monthly contest, where each month a different 'theme' is selected, like write something in 3/4, etc, and this months theme was do a tribute or cover of a great musician who has passed away. So I chose Stravinsky as my inspiration.

    I'm not trying to sound EXACTLY like Stravinsky, this is just influenced by him. I first wrote this piece two weeks ago on my Motif workstation as a submission to this month's contest. So there are two versions- first one I made with the Motif XS plus some Sampletank strings, and this one all made with GPO4.

    The contest has a strict entry limit of 3 minutes! That limit is frustrating but also forces you to get down to business fast in a composition, to get that theme working quickly, etc.

    Listen to the all GPO4 version at soundclick (192Kpbs mp3):

    You can also listen to the Motif XS+Sampletank rendition from this direct link:

    ps.. I thought of the title before I knew there was a member here with same name as title! (hope you don't mind!)

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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    Hi Mike;
    Listened to both, prefer the crisp, clear sound of the GPOP4 - liked all the dramatic touches, you have a pretty good sense for this - happy you're a fast worker, won't have to wait long for more!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    Thanks sd cisco- yes I like GPO4 much better then motif! Took a lot of editng to adjust the midi score originally created for the motif to make it work in GPO. But it was worth it.

    UPDATE: new version now uploaded with some fixed/improved notes. Soundclick link in OP plays new version.

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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    Congratulations on your first post. It was interesting to see the comparison with the Motif XS version.

    It was nice to see the bassoon featuring here.

    Good luck in the competition.

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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!


    Of course the GPO version sounds a lot better and Stravinsky is always a great influence on anyone's music.

    For a first post with GPO, this is very good and I also wish you good luck in the competition.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    I like it. It's quirky, which does remind me of Stravinsky, but for the rest there is not a hint of old Igor, at least not in my ears. Which of his works did inspire you? I did hear a bit of Sheherazade though.

    BTW, it's a good forum, and that's a lot of competition you've got there. And why did this Aziraphal win 4 times? I found his music rather predictable and bland. Defend the honor of GPO and go get 'm prizes!

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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    Michael -

    Nice work! I hope you do well at the KVR competition!

    Every so often, I breeze through the KVR forums to learn stuff related to software, computers, etc. I originally joined the KVR forum because I needed some assistance with my newly purchased, at the time, Receptor (bought about 3 years ago). It can get brutal there sometimes. I'll keep most of my internet time here at Northern Sounds.

    I like both versions of your composition. Both versions showcase the different instrumental libraries in a nice way. I do like the GPO version. Nice job with it!

    Looking forward to hearing more of your work!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!


    Really great work besides being your first product with GPO. The writing
    was very well done and your instrumental selection also. It's really
    great to see you having all of this "musical fun" with GPO4, but it's
    also encouraging to many to see your end product using the new


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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    Good for you, Mike - Beautiful, serious minded but imaginative work very nicely recorded. Good luck on that competition.


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    Re: "The Sunbird" - my very first GPO work!

    Thanks to all for the comments!

    Guess what, The Sunbird sold today as a download sale on soundclick today! Just 1 sale, but that's a first for me, and I have GPO4 to thank for making it sound like an orchestra should! That for sure helped make the sale!

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