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Topic: Using GPO to go live?

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    Using GPO to go live?

    I am totally over my head here and need some basic help to get started.

    I am the conductor of a small chamber orchestra in a college and we graduated the entire bottom of the strings (2 cellos and 1 bass) last commencement. I will be hiring in professionals to play the last several rehearsals and concert in December, but need some substitute sound for those instruments in the rehearsals between now and then.

    Can you hook up an electronic keyboard to an computer and amp and play GPO instruments? I know that I could create a sample within the keyboard's software and use that, but I want to know if there is anyway to use the GPO excellence to do this. The idea, of course, is to use one of my excellent keyboard players to fill in the cello or bass sounds during rehearsal.

    Sorry for going so basic here -- I have absolutely no experience in this side of things.



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    Re: Using GPO to go live?

    You can play GPO live with a keyboard and a computer, like you ask. But the keyboard need to have a "Mod-Wheel", since GPO control the expression of the instruments with that.
    Marcelo Colina

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