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Topic: My Demo is Up

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    My Demo is Up


    i just made two demos with gigastudio today .
    the first one is a Starwars \"the empire strike back medley\" song by john williams .
    the second one is an extract of the song \"berceuse\" from the suite Dolly by french composer gabriel faure .

    all the brass sound came from the miroslav vitous brass CD except french horns and trumpet solo who are from advanced orchestra library .
    all the strings came from advanced orchestra strings ensemble CD .
    all the percussion came from Harp&percussion cd from advanced orchestra .

    here is the adress: http://www.therekallproject.fr.fm , and click on \"soundtracks\" .

    please, tell me what you think .

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    Re: My Demo is Up

    Your website crashed my computer. It\'s the only thing that has crashed my computer in the last couple years except for GigaStudio!

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    Re: My Demo is Up

    it\'s impossible, there is no java script on my website, only HTML .
    lot of friend tryed this website, with no problem at all .
    it\'s not the website who crashed, certainly Netscape or IE .
    i tryed the website on several computer, and all is fine .


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