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Topic: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

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    GPO4, Solo string tremolo (semi urgent)

    so, how exactly do I get the solo strings (KS) to tremolo?

    normally I'd just put the tremolo articulation on the note (Finale 2010) but for some reason, this seems to do nothing now.

    is there some bug in the programming?

    is there some error in teh manner in which Finale and HP deal with tremolo?

    I tried the KS manually, directly from my keyboard, and it did absolutely nothing. If I played the note repeatedly, it seemed to play almost a tremolo, but there's NO way that I'm going to do that while playing, nor is there any way that I'm going to screw up my notation to get a playable tremolo.

    So, please, a little help here.

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo


    Pardon my ignorance, but is Finale 2010 GPO4 "compliant"? I ask, because as a Sibelius user, we have yet to get a soundset that will let Sibelius talk to GPO4 - if I insert a trem., or its equivalent, nothing will happen. I don't know why the manual keyswitch wouldn't work, though...

    I know this is not an answer; hope you get one soon.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    Yes, Finale has been "Aria compliant" for at least 2 versions now.

    When I activate the KS manually, nothing happens.
    When I insert an articulation (which worked with GPO KP2) nothing happens.

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    Does no one know what the problem/issue is with the solo KS strings in GPO4?

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    Unfortunatly i ran into teh same problem.

    Everything works fine with the lite garritan set "Instruments for Finale", but not with GPO4.

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    here are two samples: one using the Aria player, testing the same passage on every solo string, marked as "tremolo":


    and as demonstration that the same passage works mit ze Kontakt Player 2:


    as you can see, in the 2nd example, Finale recognizes the tremolo markings and plays them, while under GPO4 /Aria Player, it does not.

    The same passage using sectional strings DOES, on the other hand, recognize the sampled tremolo. (and sounds great, BTW)

    So, as you can hear from the GPO4/Aria sample above, there IS something strange going on in the sample... some sort of "catch" in the sound, it's not just playing the notes (if I remove the tremolo articulations it plays back like normal solo strings).

    And it's certainly not playing any sort of tremolo I've ever heard before.

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    Is there nothing to day about this?

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    Robert Piechaud confirmed that HP is triggering the keyswitch correctly, so this is definitely an Aria problem.


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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    I have Finale 2009 so I thought I'd try to definitely rule out Finale.

    What I discovered is it does play in 09, but it doesn't sound natural at all. It must be the way tremolo works on the solo strings which seems to be alternating note on/note off. Anyway it does play "correctly" in 09.

    Here's an mp3

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    Re: GPO4, Solo string tremolo

    Do we have any official word about this issue?

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