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Topic: Melodyne editor

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    Melodyne editor

    Got to tell you I'm more than a little stunned by the lack of posting concerning the new Melodyne Editor from Celemony.

    This is without a doubt the single biggest leap in sample manipulation... ever.

    Polyphonic audio files decoded and rendered to midi, or just simply change the rhythm, pitch or character of POLYPHONIC audio at will.

    I mean really... did you ever think this was possible? I'm using it and already i have loaded many files into it of songs I was trying to figure out but was having a hard time with and although it's not magic, It's the closest thing to it I'v ever seen.

    If you haven't used it. Go buy Melodyne Studio now and get the beta. Then tell me what you think.

    incredible. Simply incredible.


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    Re: Melodyne editor

    I agree, it's amazing! I've only played with the Beta for a short while but already it's opened my eyes to new possibilities.

    As well as the polyphonic pitch and time correction, it's great for trying out new arrangements. I loaded a fully mixed recording of a brass arrangement I did a few years ago (plastered with reverb and everything). One click and I had changed it from a major to a minor key and it sounded as if it were always meant to be that way.

    Also, I'm probably the world's worst guitarist but having one around gets me out of trouble from time to time. But tuning is always a problem for me, probably the setup or quality of my guitar but now I can immediately rescue my dodgy renditions and get away with even more than I did previously!!

    My next test is with an amateur saxophone quartet next weekend. Because they are, shall we say not that tight, I was debating whether to record them as an ensemble or overdub each one separately so I could tidy them up with Melodyne afterwards and get them sounding a bit better than they really are. Now I don't have to worry or waste any time. I can record them in stereo and adjust pitch, time and the balance of each instrument using Melodyne Editor, all in one window. Awesome!

    The ability to copy and paste notes directly in the editor window is a huge addition too. I can't tell you how many times I've had to work around that by going back to the original audio file, editing it, rendering a new one and then importing the changes into Melodyne again. Now it's dead easy.

    As you can tell I'm well chuffed so far. This is without doubt the most important music technology release for me in a good while.

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    Re: Melodyne editor


    and let us not forget as has been posted on the Celemony forum - it has revealed "the lost chord" as played in the opening of the beatles "It's been a hard days night".

    Seriously it has opened for me a study of Joe Pass and shows how he played the notes (not fret positions) - these are clean recordings. More difficult is to render the notes of a resonant old Martin guitar of Martin Carthy playing in dropped c tuning with lots of resonance to make interpretation difficult. Got "Molly Oxford" in its first pass in polyphonic mode.

    Truely amazing software and great for answering "How did he/she play that?"

    best wishes, Neil

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    Re: Melodyne editor

    what is truly amazing is that there have only been two responses to this post. I guess since gigastudio went tits up, not too many people come here anymore unless it's about Eric's products.

    Anyway, Melodyne Editor is fantastic. I still can't believe what it will do and show you. I have a beatles book that supposedly has all of the songs "transcribed" and these are professionals with "great" ears and when I used ME to see what was really going on (like the beginning to Martha My Dear) what they had was totally wrong. When I played what ME showed me suddenly it became clear.

    I won't use ME for a lot of my own transcribing because I love improving my ear and ability to hear something and understand what they played without having to go to my keyboard but man it's so empowering to be able to check some of this stuff and see where you make your errors. IT"S A GREAT TEACHER.

    Everybody should buy this and support this company, Genius doesn't even come close to what Peter N. is

    Well done!


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