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Topic: Samples - Coming Soon?

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    Samples - Coming Soon?

    Just a call to sample developers to please let us know what is coming out the next few weeks or months. Or if anyone is anticipating a new library, let us know about it here. Me, I\'m STILL waiting on Scarbee Fingered Bass, but Yellowtools E-Bass line is now starting to look better and better. I\'m also looking forward to the Nick Phoenix Strat library.

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    Re: Samples - Coming Soon?

    Semms to me that there are few new libraries in production. I\'m anticipating the scarbee fretless bass the 56\' strat library.

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    Re: Samples - Coming Soon?

    I also wait for the release of Scarbee J-Fingered... It is out of my hands now.

    But there will be an interesting update to J-Slap soon for registered users.


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