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Topic: Embarassingly basic question

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    Embarassingly basic question

    Okay, so I\'ve had my gigastudio 160 setup for about a month now and I\'ve only had the opportunity to play with it for about three hours total (doing too many recording projects for other people).

    Anyway, my setup came from Soundchaser (who are awesome to work with, by the way) and was already loaded with the Gigapiano. I immediately converted my Mellotron (akai format) disc with no problem whatsoever. So now my setup has a piano and some cool 60s sounds.

    But what about the other basic sounds that are supposed to come with Gigastudio? Here\'s where I\'m banging my head against the wall. I\'ve got the 2 Soundware Demo CDs that came with gigastudio, but I can\'t figure out how to access the sounds. When I put it into the CD-ROM drive of my computer, it appears as an audio disc to the computer - no gig files. So just for fun I go to play it on a CD player and each disc is just one long track that plays absolutely no audio.

    What am I doing wrong? I feel like an idiot.

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    Re: Embarassingly basic question

    The trick is NOT to use Giga to view these files on the CD. They need to be moved off the CD to hard disk first.

    Just look at the CD with Windows Explorer, and copy the files you\'re interested in to wherever you want them on the hard disk. Then you can fire up Giga and look in the folders for the new sounds.

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    Re: Embarassingly basic question

    Thanks for the reply, Chadwick. I\'ll try it out.

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    Re: Embarassingly basic question

    I never tried playing these CDs in my CD player before, but there should be Gig files on them and they should be a CD Rom.
    If your computer has 2 drives on it, double click on My Computer and double click D drive (or whatever drive you store gigs on) and create a new folder and name it acoustic bass and keep this page open, then double click on My Computer again and double click on your CD Rom drive to open that page as well and there should be Gig files there. Drag the Larry Seyer acoustic bass demo over to your new folder (acoustic bass) and it should start to copy the files.
    This should work unless you got a weird CD.

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    Re: Embarassingly basic question

    Got it working tonight. Thanks for the input, guys.

    Those discs appeared as \"audio discs\" last night when I selected the CD-ROM drive. I couldn\'t access the gig files to copy them to my D: drive - very wierd. I basically did the same thing tonight and it all worked perfectly. More than likely there was some minor pilot error involved last night.

    After listening to the demo sounds I am even more excited about the sonic possibilities that Gigastudio has to offer.

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