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Topic: where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

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    where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

    As a professional media composer always on a lookout for new and better products and libraries for my studios I have to say that Garritan really doesn't have much to explain or show what it's libraries have to offer. I started off in a forum talking about big band Jazz libraries and jazz sample products - having gone to the Fable sounds Broadway Big Band site It was great to be able to get in depth info on what sort of presets, articulations, sample content and info on how these sound were recorded etc. Someone also mentioned the Garritan jazz library - I googled and found the site, Nice demos but hardly any info about what articulations are included, sample size etc etc NOTHING but a really basic overview for the product ! ! ?

    It looks like an amateur designed site for cheap product. Why is there nothing that gives a professional insight into what the product does, how it works, etc

    Having taken a risk without knowing more and ordered the product I'm dismayed to find opening the box that there is still NO INFO at ALL in the packaging about the product in fact the back of the dvd packaging is a duplicate of the minimal web page for the product ? ! WTF ! ! Not even a single hint as to how it should be installed. Not Good Enough ! !

    Do you guys really want to sell this product ? ! The FFS give us the info and spend out a bit on presentation and packaging ! !

    Come on guys ! ! If this really is a Pro product with pedigree that it seems why why why do you hide all info and details from the public ! ?

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    Re: where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

    I'm not sure what you are looking for. Did you read the manual?
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    Re: where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

    Well .. Hello Lesterbarnes and a warm welcome to our forums. I shall respond to each point you make in turn in your post.

    First let me direct you to information regarding JABB available for anyone to view prior to purchase.


    Is this the web page you describe as being 'minimal'? If so and you needed specific information, why not call in to our forums and ask before purchase. Our community members are the most helpful, friendly, polite and knowledgeable on the internet. We would have been more than happy to try to answer your questions as fully as possible. In fact you will see Gary Garritan in our forums regularly who would be keen to provide tailor made answers to your specific pre-sales questions. Can't get better than that.

    As to this being an amateur designed site for a cheap product .. Oh dear .. Beg to differ with you .. most certainly not an amateur site and as for a cheap product? JABB has several accolades and is considered by many to be the world's leading jazz and big band library. It may be inexpensive compared to some products, but it's amongst the best there is. I think you will agree when you actually try it for yourself. Just listen to the demos and call into our listening room and search out the members' JABB offerings there!

    I can assure you, you have taken no risk in buying your copy of JABB. You will find unparalled and unequalled support in our forums and from Gary himself and his team. We are talking world class support here. You will also find you have in your hands just about one of the the finest sample collection libraries available. Just wait until you start using it and in the meantime .. why not try my suggestion of listening to its performance?

    With your package should have been the Jazz and Big Band handbook which contains full information on installing and authorising. There is also detailed information on using the library and towards the back of the book is full information on the instruments. Then, of course, there are our unbeatable, friendly and knowledgeable forums. Replies are often posted minutes following questions being asked here.

    Sooo .. if after viewing the JABB information web page and after browsing the handbook, if you still need any specific info, please call by and ask. We shall do our utmost best to help .. guaranteed.

    Hope this helps and you feel a little more reassured.
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    Re: where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

    Hi Lester,

    Well, first of all, I'm concerned about your blood pressure! Second, since Michael and Rich have already pointed you in the right direction, let me just add that we don't list articulations because our libraries aren't like most others - we rarely have separate articulations, as such. For example, when you load a standard trumpet patch every capability of that instrument's programming is contained in that one instrument file. We use a palette of MIDI controllers to modify different aspects of the sound, at the user's discretion - e.g. cc1=expressive volume/timbre changes, cc64 switches between tongue/slur, cc15 switches release types (falloffs, doits, kisses,) etc. We take many liberties with standard GM programming practices because we like our approach better and feel it is both easier to use (no hunting around to find exactly the right articulation needed for just the next 4 notes) and generally capable of more subtle variations overall. But opinions will vary on this subject.

    Since it appears you already have purchased JABB, the important thing is that this information is all explained in the pdf manual that comes with the product. It will be in your JABB installation directory. It is called "JazzManual.pdf." Other resources in the form of tutorials and informative posts can be found on the Garritan site and here at Northernsounds. In addition, the amiable community here is (usually) more than glad to help you with any questions you might have. That is, if you ask your questions with a friendly demeanor. What is that old saying about "catching more flys with honey than . . . " Oh, I forget.


    P.S. Reberclark:

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    Re: where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

    I must apologize for my irate post. I was a bit stressed after a long days session and got into a bit of a spin when on opening the DVD case I found no info at all in the packaging so sorry guys.

    The product installed perfectly so all good there !

    I guess what I was missing from the web page and the packaging was the info relating to which articulations are included for which instruments and whether or not there are key Switch groups, Velocity switch patches etc etc ( like scanning through the articulation lists on the VSL and East West web ) I think for other people interested in purchasing the product this would be a good thing to do. It's hard to know and plan how this product would integrate with my default set ups and other libraries and it seems the only way to get hold of this info is to take the risk and buy the product - even then you have to install the thing before any of this info comes to light.

    Is the JAAB manual on line for download and study ?

    Lester Barnes

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    Re: where is the info ! ! ? Argh !

    Hi Lester,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Glad you have everything in working order now.

    We are working on the new JABB ARIA updgrades. And we will publish the manual online.

    As Tom pointed out, we have a controller-oriented approach to articulations, you perform them (with the use of controllers) in real-time, like a real player does. So there is no list. We prefer this approach over the arduous search-and-piece-together-many-samples approach. We will work on making this clearer on the website with the new version.

    Please feel free to participate here. As you see, we have a very helpful community here. Looking forward to your involvement and maybe hearing your music.

    All the best,


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