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Topic: Question for Simon Ravn

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    Question for Simon Ravn

    Simon said:
    About EQ\'ing I find that taking out a good chunk on violins and violas at both around 1350hz and 2900 hz (not too narrow a band), helps making the sound more \'Hollywood\'.

    Simon, I take it you mean 1.350 and 2.900 hz right?

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    Re: Question for Simon Ravn

    1.35 and 2.9 KHz perhaps? 1.35 and 2.9 Hz is inaudible.

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    Re: Question for Simon Ravn

    As I wrote: 1350hz... = 1.35khz... =0.00135Mhz etc etc

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    Re: Question for Simon Ravn

    Thanks guys. I\'m not much of a sound engineer and picking up tips and tricks along the way helps.
    Sorry if I sound like a stupid engineerdimwit!

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