I recently upgraded my computer to Leopard. I'm using Logic Pro 8 with GPO 3. I've been working on and off on sequencing a movement of an orchestral work, just for fun.

A few nights ago when I pulled the project off the back burner, I found that trying to open the Kontakt plugin to make changes to existing software instruments used in the song crashes Logic. The plugin window's top and bottom bars are drawn on the screen (but the body of the window is all white), the spinning beach ball appears, then Logic crashes after about 10 seconds.

Other things I've done in this song since the Leopard update - adding notes, editing existing notes, playback - are working fine. I updated the Kontakt player to 2.2.4 and the problem persists.

I can open a new song, assign the plugin to a new track, choose an instrument, etc., and even reopen the plugin with no problems.

My computer has a gigabyte more RAM than it did (and is now maxed out) when I last worked on this song... MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo, 3 GB.

The support docs I've read so far seem to indicate Leopard and Kontakt 2.2.4 play well together - is that so? If I upgrade to GPO 4, what will I be facing in terms of re-recording performance data to work with the new player?